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America: What Went Wrong? The Crisis Deepens

Building on decades of groundbreaking reporting, this new book shows why middle-class Americans are in the midst of a deepening crisis—and what must be done to make it right.

Barlett and Steele reveal the specific acts of Congresses and presidents of both parties that are causing economic inequality to soar and enabling corporations to pay low wages, owe no taxes and raid the retirement plans of their employees.

This is an updated and expanded edition of the bestselling America: What Went Wrong?—the book that caused a sensation when its authors concluded that America’s middle class is under assault because of deliberate acts by Washington and Wall Street. This new edition shows how new policies are launching a fresh attack on average Americans, and what must be done to reverse them.

“Barlett & Steele are back . . . to warn us about the awful economic future they see ahead unless we wise up and demand changes in the government rule book that benefits the few at the expense of the many.“
—David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer Prize winner and bestselling author