Interviews on America: What Went Wrong? The Crisis Deepens

By Michael Smerconish, the Michael Smerconish Program


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By Rose Aguilar on KALW, San Francisco

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By Leonard Lopate, WBAI, New York


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By Claudia Cragg, KGNU Denver


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By Gabrielle Gurley, The American Prospect

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By Steve Kraske, KCUR-FM, Kansas City, MO

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By Steve Lubetkin, State Broadcast News

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By Jim Cuddy on America’s

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By Ed “Flash” Ferenc on America’s Work Force Radio Podcast

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More Interviews


PBS documentary on Barlett and Steele

WNET's “Expose” takes an in-depth look at the Barlett and Steele investigation of the mysterious defense-intelligence contractor, SAIC.
(25:21 min.)

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By Terry Gross of Fresh Air

Terry Gross interviews Barlett and Steele on their acclaimed book on health care, Critical Condition: How Health Care in America Became Big Business and Bad Medicine
(1:32:11 min.)

Interview: America: What Went Wrong

By Bill Moyers of Listening to America

Watch Moyers talk with Barlett and Steele about their bestselling book on how the American middle class has been hurt by Washington and Wall Street.
(23:46 min.)

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